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About Me

Do you remember when you were a new mommy and you couldn’t get enough of your child’s soft skin, or the sweet smell of their baby breath?

Do you remember when you were so small that you didn’t think about what time you woke up and your back didn’t ache from a bad nights sleep, but instead everything you looked at was new and beautiful, everything was a discovery, everyday had promise and excitement?

Or remember that loved one that always made you laugh, with just a glimpse, they could bring you to tears they were so much fun to be around?

These memories, or moments, are the things I see. When you allow me to take your portraits, I always feel so honored, because you are allowing me to find and capture the beauty that is your life, your loved one, your moment.

I have never viewed my photography as a talent. When I hold a camera, I am just capturing the beauty I see in front of me. My Mom won’t believe that I am saying this, but she taught me to see the world through rose colored glasses when I was a very small child. To notice the veins of life in the tiniest leaves, to smell the faint aromas of the newest spring flowers, to enjoy the fresh crisp breeze of the first autumn air. As I have become an adult, the beauty I see all around me has turned to people. Nothing is more beautiful than the wrinkled fuzzy skin of a newborn, or the unfiltered joy in a two year olds giggle, or even that glance of new love, unapologetic and real. I guess in a way, when I hold my camera, I turn back into that small child and I go back to a time when everything was beautiful and I can capture that 1/32 of a second that says it all. When you look at my portraits, I don’t want you to see a pretty picture, I want you to remember that moment; the sounds, the smells, the feeling it gives you, and I want you to have all of that forever captured in a still image.


Life can messy and beautiful, remember to take it all in.

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